Monday, October 19, 2009

A picture of cartoon baby character when he was eating breakfast

baby cartoon faces

Vampire invades Paris apartment

Taking a little break from the graphic novel and cartoons to draw a vampire, since it's that time of year, and who doesn't love a vampire breaking into a Paris apartment? Not me, I tell you.

Portrait caricature - bodybuilder

Drawing a cartoon character of Tom and Jerry - They are boxing now

That is the drawing of Tom and Jerry in action. They are boxing now.

Kendrick Lim (kunkka)

Kendrick Lim (kunkka) - Illustrator, Art Director of Imaginary Friends Studios
anime girl
Kendrick Lim Kendrick Lim
Kendrick Lim (kunkka) Kendrick Lim (kunkka)
kunkka kunkka

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