Friday, October 2, 2009

Matt Widmann

Matt Widmann - graphic designer and illustrator, vector girls
beer vector girl
vector art Matt Widmann (sculpbucket)
Matt Widmann (sculpbucket) Matt Widmann (sculpbucket)
vector girl
Matt Widmann
Matt Widmann

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Funny Christmas Cards: Melt Down

The holidays are coming up so I started thinking about some new ideas and cartoons. Here is a christmas card cartoon I did the other day. Enjoy and have a great day.

Here is the full blown christmas card.

Funny Christmas Cards: Melt-Down card
Funny Christmas Cards: Melt-Down by nopolymon
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Story in Pictures - 5 New Pages

I've appended the next 5 pages onto this slideshow - you can view it here, or you can go see it big on Flickr (click "slideshow" at the upper right on the Flickr page to see it/share it etc.)

This is being done in pencil, biro (ballpoint) and prismacolor in a Moleskine I bought in Chicago.

Free Sponebob

Diana Jakobsson

Diana Jakobsson - illustrator, anime style
Diana Jakobsson Diana Jakobsson art
Diana Jakobsson Diana Jakobsson
Diana Jakobsson

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