Thursday, September 24, 2009

Every evening....

... I think of this.

Enjoy a Maira Kalman Talk

This is a very enjoyable talk by Maira Kalman, who is the wife of Tibor Kalman. Between them much creative fabulous-ness has transpired. Take a look and just enjoy her process - or lack thereof. Much to learn from her.

Funny Cartoon Humor: Meet Charlie

This is Charlie. Charlie is an elderly guy who is not afraid to speak his mind to whoever will listen. To say that he is cranky would be an understatement of colossal proportions. His disposition is more accurately described as completely and thoroughly “pissed off” at just about everything you can imagine. I’m sure you know or have met someone like Charlie. I just thought I would introduce him to the web and the world.

As you can see he is quite the cantankerous character, in fact he told us that the only way he would allow us to interview him and put his info on the web was we quote,
"My social security check sucks......I put into that fund all my life not because I wanted to. I didn't have a choice.....freedom my @$*. You can do this interview as long as I can make some money to supplement my income."
We came to an agreement that we would develop some products with his picture and words and whatever proceeds came from that he could be part of. He grudgingly agreed stating that he knew there were others that shared his view of the world. Bellow are some of the things that were developed. Take a look if for nothing else than a good laugh. We are currently seeking an expose with his wife Muriel but currently she is not willing to talk with us. Enjoy and have a great day.

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