Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cartoon :- Now I shall not walk this road

Funny t-shirts: Give them all the boot in 2010

This is just a silly little t-shirt design I did on an idea I heard the other day. The idea was something to the effect of just voting all incumbents out of Congress in order to try and get Washington to realize that there are many of us out here in the republic, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian and Independent that have had it with our voices not being represented on the hill. Anyway, this idea popped into my head so I put pen to paper and this is what came of it. Enjoy and have a great day.

Welcome Drooly Dogs!

So, for some reason that is known only to the cosmos, I have been running two blogs for some time.

And, those two blogs have stuff in them that should be friends.

You see, one of them is this one, with my various cartoons and drawings and artwork in it...

The other one is all about kids, art and creativity and meant to inspire with cool projects and ideas.

So, you'd think that sharing my process and stuff as an artist would be good to combine with writings on creativity, eh? And you would be right.

So, from now on I'm going to combine both of my blogs into this one right here. Which means, you'll see both my teaching projects and my artist/cartoonist proAdd Imagejects all in one place.

Nifty eh?

I'm going to leave The Drooly Dog Blog up, while I figure out how to import all those posts here (there's a button to do that, but it doesn't seem to do anything.) So for those archives, you can still look there.

So if you've been reading the Drooly Dog Blog, welcome! I hope that his newer bigger bunch of art and projects and ideas and links and thoughts gives you inspiration and a reason to smile.


The Mural Project: Update

Well, we're going to create a mural at my kids' school. It's going to go on the side of the science lab, shown here. I'm going to post updates as we get started... after much sketching, we've come up with a plan that involves 5 big panels (not 6 as I've mocked up here), and the concept is "Powers of Ten" or "Powers of 37 1/2" or whatever it turns out to be - we're going to work our way out from cells to DNA to Earth to the galaxy.

Part of the challenge is determining how the kids will participate in the project, and still get something that looks right and they can be proud of (and that will last a long time). Fortunately, another parent has plans for these things, like what types of wood and primer to use and how to cut this up properly. We're going to paint it in 1-foot squares, so the kids work on their own "tile" and then we put them all up, like a puzzle.

So my next task is to get the design nailed down so none of the square "tiles" is boring to paint, and so the science teacher feels that it's sort of accurate. More to come as this take shape...


This Saturday I was drawing
pictures at the corporate event.
Employees of the firm from
IT business competed
the whole day in kinds
of sport, football, table tennis,
swimming, tennis etc.
Most of staff members
came with their spouses,
so I drew the married
couples together.

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