Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Return of the Queen

Return of the Queen
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Okay, one more sketch today - I call these "illustrations without stories," since they are like stories contained in a single picture and aren't pulled from any particular story. My son says the cat is a panther.


Sorceress 1
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I'm sketching characters from children's literature today - but I admit, I just made this one up. Not sure what her powers are, but they include suspending a magical ball in mid-air and perhaps sending it off to do various magical things...

Tinkerbell sketch

Tinkerbell sketch
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Another children's story character - Tinkerbell in one of her more crabby moods I think.

Funny Cartoons: Dog Smack

I was listening to some news deal the other day about how "Bo", the first dog had a leash with his name on it or something and people wanted to know where they could pick one up. Then I started to wonder if the dog community cared about the leash. What would they say? I'm sure some would say, "Cool man, I guess every dog does have his day." There would also be the jealous crowd that would talk smack. It was that crowd that brought this cartoon idea to light. Enjoy and have a great day.

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