Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cartoon :- Waao...who is he ?

Bye, Kitty.

Elvis, you have been a truly exceptional kitty.

In the 14 years you have lived with us, I never heard you hiss, and you never hurt anyone.

When we adopted you your name was Prince, so when we renamed you you became "Elvis, the cat formerly known as Prince." Plus you got upgraded to the King.

When I was sick, you would come and sit with me.

In the night, you slept on my feet.

You chose to be vocal many times right after I had gotten one baby or another to sleep. This was not good timing.

This last year you have been weak and unhappy and we've done our best for you.

I hope that you have not suffered too much, but you don't let on when you're in pain - even when your claw is growing into your paw. So I can't be sure.

You have never clawed anyone, or broken anything, you have just been a love.

We love you and we will miss you.

I hope you end up somewhere where you can chase your tail and jump onto beds and get the laundry all hairy and where people leave their dinner dishes out and you can eat all their chicken and turkey and cheese and butter.

You deserve it because you are an exceptional kitty.

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