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Barbie as the Island Princess Barbie Film Series

Barbie as the Island Princess Barbie Film SeriesBarbie as the Island Princess Barbie Film Series

Barbie as the Island Princess PosterBarbie as the Island Princess Poster

Barbie as the Island PrincessBarbie as the Island Princess

Happy and sad cartoon faces of turtle

cartoon baby face of turtle characterThat is two simple cartoon faces of the turtle characters. Only with the change of the mouth and eyes can result in facial expression which is very contrary, that a happy and others sad. Finally, we can see a happy cartoon face and sad cartoon face of turtle.

Cartoon turtle made from the unique shape of turtle.
Tortoise and turtle are scaly with four legged animals that includes in reptiles. This animal is unique and easily identified with the 'home' or a coconut shell (bony shell) the hard and rigid.
Coconut shell turtle consists of two parts. The top of the back cover is called (carapace) and the bottom (ventral, stomach) is called plastron
Turtle living in various places, from wilderness areas, pasture, forest, swamps, rivers and sea. Turtle is a plant eater (herbivore), meat eater (carnivore) or a mixture (omnivore).

Funny Cartoons, "Signs the recession is ending"

I have been listening to the news and people saying that the recession might be easing. I personally don't see it......but it did give me the idea for this funny cartoon about a Bear market. Enjoy and have a great day.

Make a cartoon face of Michael Jackson

cute cartoon face of michael jacksonPhotobucket
That is our creation of Jacko's smiley cartoon face. He is a good man, he love people all over in the world, and we love him.
Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, United States, 29 August 1958 - died in California, Los Angeles, United States at the age of 50 years. Michael Jackson is a singer and songwriter from the United States. He was famous as the "King of Pop" and popularize with dance movement "moonwalk" which has become something special. The album when released in 1982, Thriller, the album is the best seller in the world, with sales exceeding 104 million copies worldwide.
Awards that he has achieve several times, including Guinness World Records-including the thriller as the best seller album in the world-13 Grammy Awards, 13 number 1 single fruit in a solo career musicians from other men in the Hot 100 era-and the sale of 750 million units in all world. Jackson lives in the very famous all over the world, accompanied with a very successful career, making it part of pop culture for 4 decades.

Zuleta Miguel

Zuleta Miguel - comic artist and illustrator
Zuleta Miguel

Zuleta Miguel Zuleta Miguel
Zuleta Miguel Zuleta Miguel

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