Monday, July 20, 2009

Skateboard Monster

Skateboard Monster
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As a single-panel cartoonist, I spend a lot of time creating action in a single image. Here I'm looking at the various ways that this monster can look to be moving, including the trailing movement of the tail, the forward position of the head and the flying shirt and shoelaces. I think it's maybe not exaggerated enough so... on to the next sketch.

Cartoon Dog - Scooby doo's happy cartoon face

Scooby-Doo is an cartoon dog that the United States are produced for television Saturday morning (day appear to television children in the U.S.). This animated film has been produced in several different versions from 1969 until now.

"Health Care Reform" Cartoon, Public option, who pays?

Silent but Deadly

The other day I put up a cartoon about electric cars...

Which reminded me of a couple of others that I've done on the same subject in the past...

I really do hope that we can figure out some great ways to get around that don't involve snarfing enormous amounts of finite resources (oh wait, Europe already did that with trains.) But I think if we get into super-quiet electric motors we'll need to put a little beeper on there or something so people know they're about to get run over in a highly-efficient way.

Monte Moore

Monte Moore - pin up and fantasy sketches
Monte Moore art

Monte Moore Monte Moore
Monte Moore Monte Moore
girl sketch girl sketch

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