Saturday, June 27, 2009

Political Cartoon Humor, Climate Change and Cap and Trade

I had this cartoon idea listening to the debate going on about this energy bill that was voted on as well as some of the back and forth in the media as of late. Some say that it will result in many job losses in a time when we just seem to be leveling out economically speaking. Others argue that it will create jobs in the future. There is also the debate about the cost of energy and what it will do. One side says it will increase the cost of energy significantly which ultimately will be passed on to the consumer causing more money to leave the pockets of everyone in America. Some also call this a kind of back door way to increase taxes on business but the cost is normally passed on to the consumer. Others say that it is a necessary step to decrease green house gasses in the whole climate change debate. Who knows for sure but this cartoon idea came from the fact that the President himself has acknowledged that the cost of energy will skyrocket I think was the word he used and with the normal cost of business usually getting passed through to the consumer, I thought….how could that affect the average person out there? This cartoon was a result of that line of thinking. Enjoy and have a great day.
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