Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cartoon :- Fixer has it all, learn the game

Political Cartoon Humor, “Health Care Reform”, the unintended consequences.

I have been trying to keep up with the news lately but I can only watch and listen to so much of it before I feel like I have to purge or something like that. This cartoon is based on some of the things that I happened to catch about the ideas, concerns and spewing on and on about the subject of Health Care Reform as the Obama administration see’s it. I was thinking about things like electronic records, not a bad idea, but one of the unintended consequences could be loss of data by accident or because the guy in charge of inputting it happens to be high on prescription drugs or getting minimum wage and you happen to suddenly end up with some kind of affliction on paper that the “free health insurance won’t cover”. Opps….oh well the slid rule guy’s have probably figured on a slight percentage in errors and those in power are fine with the small amount of collateral damage. The cartoon comes to us from the thought of cost and forcing people to live healthy lives… would they do it? I came up with this cartoon to illustrate how one person found out the hard way. Enjoy and have a great day.

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