Monday, May 25, 2009

Peter Odefey

Peter Odefey - vintage style pin up photography
Peter Odefey

Peter Odefey Peter Odefey
Peter Odefey retro pin up Peter Odefey retro pin up
Peter Odefey pin up Peter Odefey pin up

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I did this funny clip of a cartoon thinking of an old boss. I’m not sure if everyone has had one of these but I had a boss that used to sit outside the office or around the corner listening and watching. I guess he had poor self-esteem, trying to catch comments about him or possibly he felt like we were not being productive enough. I’m not sure but it got to the point were I could almost feel the “evil eye” upon me waiting and watching for the opportunity to justify the activity of spying instead of being a productive member of the company. That's my take on the activity anyway. Enjoy the humor cartoon and have a great day.

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Something In Common

Something In Common
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In which two creatures overlook their differences and admire their common sense of style.

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