Monday, May 11, 2009

The face of Stalin made from mosquitoes

The face of Stalin made from mosquitoes is really coo...

Cartoon Number 2,000

Today I published Brainwaves cartoon number 2,000... here it is. It's been a fabulous ride so far, and I'm looking forward to 2,000 more... or, however many I can do before I run out of pens. Thanks everybody for reading!!!

Cartoon Humor, Best Friends Forever

I did this cartoon design for the heck of it. I was thinking of the term BFF or Best Friends Forever and this is what came to mind for some reason. I was also thinking about a line in a movie. I think it was Bill Murray in “Ghostbusters” when he said “Dogs and Cat’s living together……mass hysteria.” Anyway, that’s where this cartoon illustration came from, enjoy and have a great day.

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RGUS - Digital Arts
Fantastic 3D girls (my favorite 3D artist).
3D girl
3D Girl RGUS 3D art
RGUS 3D Girl
3D Girl

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