Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Political Cartoon Humor: Bo weighs in on Cap and Trade

I had the idea for this cartoon a week or so ago when the media was covering some of the particulars on Cap and Trade. During that same time frame there where reports on the “first dog”, Bo. The two of these things bumbled a jumbled around for a while as I listened to the positive and negatives on Cap and Trade. It is interesting to me, as for as the debate about carbon emissions go, that people think that it is going to make some spectacular difference. The only reason I say this is because even if we go through the pains involved in making all the energy changes, their is no way China, Russia and India which are large economies are in a position or even want to stop burning oil and coal as a chief energy source. My point is that the carbon emissions coming from these up and coming countries is most likely going to be far greater in the future than the US could ever accuse itself of in the arena of carbon emissions, just a thought. The result of all of this thought was this cartoon so enjoy and have a great day.

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