Friday, April 17, 2009


Bam - original acrylic and digital pin up paintings and fun sexy pin up toons

More Info and Pics:

Talespin Cartoon Pictures

picture from the classic cartoon, talespin
kik cloud kicker from talespin cartoon
talespin cartoon logo

Jetsons Cartoon Pictures

picture of jetsons cartoon family
photo of the jetsons space craft
meet the jetsons family

Flintstones Cartoon Pictures

Flintstones family cartoon picnic
fred, barney and the gang scene here in the family car
photo of the Flintstones family

Darkwing Duck Cartoon Pictures

image of cartoon hero darkwing duck
darkwing swinging in the night
cartoon superhero darkwing duck

Bonkers Cartoon Pictures

cast of the bonkers cartoon show
bonkers hanging off building ledge
bonkers the cat/cop
I have been listening this week how the banks are reporting positive results for the first quarter. hmmmm.......they get bailouts.......the government tells them they are not allowed to pay the money back and they make a profit.......hummmm.....seems a little fishy to me. Hope everyone is enjoying the show. I love this clip.

Building a Better Ipp

The first time I made an Ipp, a 3-D Ipp, it looked like this:

Stop laughing.

Okay, I have minimal sewing skills. And, the arms of an Ipp present some distinct problems. You can barely see them here - they are black and floppy.

"Real" Ipps, on the other hand, have much more expressive faces than this - and arms that move around. And feet. Granted, they have evolved a fair amount since I first started drawing them.

But I really, really want to make a good Ipp. I want to send them on journeys around the world. I want to give them to people. I already have given away some small Ipps - I made their arms out of pipe cleaners. But pipe cleaners are not so great either. They get sharp after a while.

So, I think I'm going to have to make them into kind of flat toys. So I can put in the expressions and poses without having them stand up. They can still be squishy and cuddly, and even magnet-able or pin-able.

I know I can do better. So I will get out the felt and see what happens.



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