Saturday, April 4, 2009

Funny Little Dog..

Funny little dog...


How To Pick UpGirls Using ur iPhone..


Funny Motivation Poster - Change

Every dog has his day

Ed Mironiuk

Ed Mironiuk - fetish pin up art
fetish pin up
Ed Mironiuk is one of the many great current fetish artists that has enjoyed a long career working for Genitorturers, Marquis, Secret, Equus Eroticus, Frontiers Newsmagazine and Tattoo Magazine to name a few... With fetish goddesses as frequent subjects, he combines fetish and traditional art fantasy with realistic skin tones, surreal props, and incredible textures.

Ed Mironiuk Ed Mironiuk art
Ed Mironiuk fetish pin up Ed Mironiuk
fetish pin up fetish pin up girl
Ed Mironiuk art

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