Sunday, March 29, 2009

Political Cartoon Humor, Getting Sheared on Tax Day

This cartoon was birthed from a couple of things. The first being that it is tax time and I look at the taxes and sheering sheep as sort of a similar thing in a kind of sarcastic or cynical way. The second is the current spending spree our elected officials are currently having fun with. The only way in which to pay for this type of spending is through more revenue to the government. Revenue to the government is achieved through taxes in many forms besides income taxes. Thinking about it logically, taxes will have to go up period, end of story. Then the question becomes how? A lot of people seem to think that taxing the rich is the way it looks to be going. While a certain percentage will come from that avenue it will represent a fraction of what is needed to get the debt paid off if that is indeed what the end goal is. Many of us, the middle class and poor, will also share the burden in taxes on things we need every day like heating and cooling, health care and many other products and services we all want and use. The long and short of it is that the rich will most likely pay more but on the scale of percentages the middle class will most likely carry a tax burden like they have never known. The good news is we will get used to it as we have in years past. That is really the focal point of this cartoon. Enjoy and have a great day.

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