Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear People who Hide Behind Email:

We know who you are. We know that you would rather squirt pixels through a data cable than talk to someone. We also know you like to say nasty things on blogs and forums and then watch everyone get riled up and call you a troll and all of that. All I have to say is this: Someone is out there going for a nice walk in a meadow with no pixels present and they are having a nice time of it. Until their iPhone rings. Sigh.

Political Cartoon Humor, Republicans and Democrats on Pork Bills

This cartoon came as a result of a lot of different stimulus. First is the talk about the Governments domestic budget both now and in the future but most of all the 8500 plus ear marks of “pork” that’s in its current form. I have been listening to the back and forth about how one side defends it by saying its last year’s business even though it runs through September of this year. I guess the general consensus on Capitol Hill is that we the American people are all not intelligent enough to figure that one out. Bottom line is that it does not matter what year it is for, promises are promises and President Obama made the promise to the American people that pork or ear marks would not be part of his administration. Oh well, I guess we are all suppose to shrug like we have so many times in the past and give them a pass like so many times in the past. The second stimulus came from all this talk about how officials are using things like twitter and the like to communicate to …….I’m not sure who. I thought it would be funny to put them in a setting similar to the pop-culture crowd. What would they say? Well, here is the result of all of that mess. Enjoy and have a great day.

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