Saturday, March 7, 2009


Ismael Rac aka Xeracx - Digital pinups
digital sexygirl art
XeracX Art Digital pinups XeracX XeracX Digital pinups

More Info and Pics:

Lookee: Brainwaves on Kindle! For a Buck!

Brainwaves is going mobile, as the Who would say. Get humor on the go!

Yes, "Cartoons with Dogs and Cats (and One Bonus Cow)" is a short experiment in gathering and publishing cartoons - you can see it here. It's $1. Amazon even discounted it to 80 cents. Whooo!

I'm also going to make an edition for Mobipocket, which is the software that underlies the Kindle platform. Then it'll be available for Blackberry, smart phone, etc. Since I don't have any of these devices (I have a dumb phone I guess), I'll be bugging people to download the software and take a look.

Single-panel cartoons are fantastic for this - they take up one screen, they are quick, they brighten your day, you can share them with your friends and brighten their day too. So look out - I'll be making compilations of all sorts as I get this new-fangled thingy worked out. Shoot, I've got almost 2,000 cartoons to mess with. Yay!

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