Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Soccer Monsters

Soccer Monsters
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In which I am doodling while watching Manchester United have their way with Chelsea. My 4-year-old wants to know what the guy at the upper right did to get a card, and whether it's yellow or red. What do you think?

You Know You Can get Brainwaves DAILY on your Computer, Right??

Not only that, but you can leave comments like, "Huh?" and, "I don't get it." Fun!

Then when you REALLY don't understand one, you can send it to your friends and say, "Check this out, I don't get it. Do you?"

Seriously though, I publish Brainwaves 6 days a week. I've just gone over 1,900 cartoons in my archive! So be sure to get yourself some big steaming piles of humor okay? There's a ton of stuff up there.

Then here on the blog I'll pull out some reaaalllly old ones, or topical ones, or Ipps, or art, or anything else that doesn't fit the daily feature mould.

Here's where you go! Go! Yay!

Super Bad Girl

Super Bad Girl - 3D art
3d girl Super Bad Girl
3d pinup 3d pinup
Super Bad Girl

More info and pics:

Read The Laptop

Do you know to use a laptop?
Do you know how to read with a laptop?
Learn how below

LOL :)

Clean Underwear?

Clean underwear?
Funny boy...

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