Monday, October 12, 2009

Harry Reid Cartoons: Nuclear Options and Nobel Prizes

This cartoon came to life when I heard that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. I thought that was very interesting given that he has talked about what he would like to do and started laying groundwork for those plans but none of it is complete yet and no one really knows if it will lead to a significant enough result to warrant the “Nobel Peace Prize” or at least what I used to think a “Nobel Peace Prize” was all about. Anyway, that, combined with all the talk about using the “nuclear option” on Healthcare Reform led to the creation of this cartoon. Let me say this to be fair, I have not seen or heard Mr. Reid use the term “Nuclear Option”, I believe he called it “Reconciliation option” which both parties have spun into the “Nuclear Option” term when it is politically convenient for them to do so probably because it sounds so scary. It just works better in this cartoon so I figure if they can use it for their political ends, then I will use it for my humor ends. Enjoy and have a great day!

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