Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures of cartoon Pink Panther's face expressions

That’s picture of cartoon Pink Panther's face. There are smiley cartoon faces, happy cartoon face, cartoon sad face, cartoon funny face and his angry cartoon face.

The Pink Panther is a main character in the cartoon Pink Panther series. This character appears in the opening and closing scene in the 1963 film, also titled the same. After that, the pink panther then appear in every film The Pink Panther series, except for A Shot in the Dark and Inspector Clouseasu.

Until September 2007, cartoon Pink Panther show in Boomerang TV, Voom HD Networks Animania HD, Teletoon Retro, and full version also has been selling in the form of a DVD.

The first time in 1964, appears in the Pink Panther TV serial, with the additional character is Inspector Clouseau, the duty is to try to paint a small man in the blue-pink house, and even the title is also not the Pink Panther, but The Pink Phink. Then this film won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film 1964, and as they make more as a panther's opponent is a small man.

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