Thursday, May 7, 2009

Political Cartoon Humor, The Director of Homeland Security Weighs In

I had the idea for this cartoon after listening to all the news surrounding the office of Homeland Security and the intelligence community in general. I thought back to when Janet Napolitano threw out the word terrorism and replaced it with Man made Disasters or something along those lines as well as a couple other softer, kinder, gentler terms for the war on terror. It is interesting to watch as the exercise of being politically correct or whatever trying to change terms and words is, take place and the responses that follow. I am sure that there is some point to it but it escapes me personally but I will say that it is entertaining on a certain level. I did this cartoon with that in mind as well as the recent release of the criteria that was allegedly released then not released as to how law enforcement can determine if someone might be a possible domestic terrorist….oooops, I mean, “Someone living in the United States who could possibly be responsible for a Man Made Disaster.” Wow….I lost my kind and gentle politically correct side there for a second. Good thing I caught myself, someone might have taken offense….ha…ha. Anyway, that’s kind of where this Political humor cartoon comes from. Enjoy and have a great day.

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