Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cedric Poulat (J-Estacado)

Cedric Poulat (J-Estacado) - comic girl drawer. colorist and illustrator
comic cartoon

J-Estacado J-Estacado
comic girl comics girl
J-Estacado J-Estacado

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Cartoon Humor, Father's Day Humor-Bull by the Horn’s

I had another cartoon idea while thinking of father’s day card designs and thought I would share this one about a son watching his dad at work and cheering him on.

Father's Day Card

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Animaniacs Cartoon Pictures

Animaniacs Top Cartoons Animaniacs Funny Cartoon Show

Animaniacs Cartoons People Animaniacs Yacko Wacko and Dot dressed as Cowboys

Animaniacs Classic Cartoons  Animaniacs Classic Cartoon Group Image

Angry Beavers Cartoon Pictures

Angry Beavers Cartoons Angry Beavers Cartoon Picture

Angry Beavers Classic Cartoons Angry Beavers Great Afternoon Cartoon

Angry Beavers Funny Cartoons Angry Beavers Funny Nickelodeon CartoonShow

Andy Panda Cartoon Pictures

Andy Panda Cartoons Andy Panda Famous Old Cartoon

Andy Panda Cartoons Characters Andy Panda Cartoon Characters

Andy Panda Funny Cartoons  Andy Panda Classic Cartoon Picture

Alvin And The Chipmunks Cartoon Pictures

Alvin PhotoPunk Rock Alvin Simon and Theodore Image

Alvin WallpaperAlvin and the Chipmunks Wallpaper

Alvin GalleryAlvin Simon And Theodore Chipmunks Gallery Picture

Aladdin Cartoon Pictures

Aladdin WallpaperAladdin Wallpaper

Aladdin PictureAladdin Picture

Aladdin PhotoAladdin Group Image

Alice in Wonderland Cartoon Pictures

Alice in Wonderland Top CartoonAlice in Wonderland Best Cartoon

Alice in Wonderland Famous CartoonAlice in Wonderland Famous Cartoon Image

Alice in Wonderland PosterAlice in Wonderland Poster

101 Dalmatians Cartoon Pictures

101 Dalmatians Wallpaper101 Dalmatians Wallpaper

101 Dalmatians Photo101 Dalmatians Photo

Friday, May 29, 2009

Story Time - A Thank-You to the Teachers

My youngest will be moving on to Kindergarten in the fall - so I wanted to give all the teachers at my kids' preschool a thank-you. This captures what story time generally looks like... I framed it and signed the matte and gave it to them today, since it's Teacher Appreciation Day. Thanks to them and to all you teachers out there.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Political Cartoon Humor, John Q Public on Taxation and Representation

I did this cartoon as a result of a couple of clips I heard on the news. One was on Cap and trade and the cost of energy increases that will happen as a result of that type of action. A side thought I had is that there was once a not so small company from the past called Enron. I may have this wrong but it seems to me that they were in the business of trading energy and most people know how that all turned out. Anyway, the other little clip I heard while working on my drawings was the thought of having a national sales tax. I’m not sure if I heard it right or not but it sparked of John Q public in me. He just started spouting off all these things he is already taxed on as well as some things being discussed and wanted to share is views on what he feels all that taxation has gotten him thus far. He also wanted me to add “When are these yo-yo’s that we send to represent us going to learn?” Anyway, that’s enough out of him. Enjoy the cartoon and have a great day.

Cartoon Humor, Father’s Day Humor-Bank Bailout Blues

I came up with another installment of father’s day humor that may be more for the times. I’ve had to cut back on my son’s endless spending habits as well as my own and this cartoon is a result of that having to curb spending. I know, I know. The exercise of not continuing to live in a dream world of endless money and slobbering spending on plastic is not the current way our government is handling things and probably has knocked my “cool” rating down a couple of notches, but I have to do what I have to do. If I could print money and get away with it like our treasury or borrow money from a country like China….Oh sorry they are re-evaluating there lending practices, then maybe I could be “cool” again but I’m just not comfortable with that level of risk yet. Best wishes to all. Enjoy the cartoon and have a great day.

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Marco Guaglione

Marco Guaglione(c) aka Frostland - modern pin up illustrator and comic's characters designer

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Caricature live act - family day

I like
to draw
in outdoors.
the childrens
is always
very funny ...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cartoon Humor, Summer is here

I did this drawing in celebration of summer. Swimming, shorts and fun all around although this guy looks a little old for the kiddy pool and flotation device. Enjoy and have a great day.


I think pencil sketches reveal so much about how an artist thinks - finished cartoons and paintings and such are great, but the sketches are like a backstage pass. Here are a few quick Ipps.... click to see em bigger.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Peter Odefey

Peter Odefey - vintage style pin up photography
Peter Odefey

Peter Odefey Peter Odefey
Peter Odefey retro pin up Peter Odefey retro pin up
Peter Odefey pin up Peter Odefey pin up

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