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Squidward Tentacles characters

Squidward Tentacles is an octopus who lived in the house Moai, which lie between SpongeBob and Patrick's house. He was not happy with his neighbors because they are often disturbed. Daily work into Squidward is the cashier at the Krusty Krab restaurant. Classified as lazy. Enjoys playing the clarinet, although dilagukannya bad music. He himself considers himself a great artist and a smart person. Has a rival named Squilliam Fancyson.

Squidward Tentacles is the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants movie. He is an octopus who lived in the house-shaped Moai. He lived next door to SpongeBob and Patrick Star, but he does not like to have neighbors like them because it is often disturbed in the day relaxed. He also worked at the Krusty Krab restaurant as a cashier along with Sponge Bob. Usually he does not work very seriously, and is the opposite of Sponge Bob. These characters voiced by Rodger Bumpass. Although his name is Squidward (squid in the English language meaning the squid), he is an octopus. This is stated in the "behind the scenes" during the 20 minutes of DVD The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie in this movie creator Stephen Hillenburg and some other voice. One reason for this is 6 feet to draw this character easier to draw than 8 feet. Squidward's name is a portmanteau of the squid and the name of Edward (Squilliam, the enemy also has the same combination of squid and William). In this case, one of the actors said that Squidward's name better than Octoward.

Real enemy is Squilliam Fancyson, a friend from school who has a versatile glamorous life caused jealousy in self-Squidward. Squidward has a hobby of playing a musical instrument clarinet and has a great ambition as a professional clarinet player and famous selautan. one more addition to the main character is having Squirdward temper.

Political Cartoons: New Year’s Resolutions

I did this one as a result of this being new years and the thought that everyone does the whole resolution thing. You know what I mean….”this year is the year I stop eating junk food”….”this year I’m going to stop smoking”….”this year I’m going to loose x amount of pounds and get healthy”. For those of you who have said these types of things and followed through…..I salute you, I have not found that fountain of willpower quite yet but I have not given up… yes I have made my list of things I would like to change this year and currently have every intention of taking actions to make them happen. I was wondering if those in Washington do some of the same things with their jobs. Like “this year I resolve to be less corrupt than last year”, I use “less” because lets face it….if someone decided to be completely uncorrupt they probably would not be re-elected or at a minimum not get anything done for the people they represent. That’s seems to be the way it is…..has been….and possibly will always be. The phrase, “Don’t hate the player…hate the game”, comes to mind. Anyway, the cartoon comes as a result of this line of thinking. Enjoy and have a safe and happy new year.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year’s Cartoon: Dine and Dash

I did something like this cartoon last year in fact I took a look at it and the caption referred to the old year leaving the baby new year with a big bill. I decided to do this one without the years attached to their banners because it occurred to me that over the decades the argument can be made that no matter who is in the white house or the congress, one thing has remained constant. Spending…..spending and more spending. The only thing that has not remained constant is the amounts. That trend has definitely been on the upward trend. I wonder how long it will go on. What will my kids…… lives be like? Anyway, I redid the cartoon without the years in place because based on history the future will most likely result in more of the same….at least that is where I would place my bet. Enjoy the cartoon and the New Year. I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year’s.

Patrick Star characters

Patrick Star is a starfish friend of Spongebob. Although often not concentrated in a conversation and misunderstandings occur, Patrick is a good friend. Patrick lived next door to SpongeBob and the pineapple house located in his home under a rock.

Cartoon Picture of Dancers with Their Happy Faces


Cartoon : - No Comments...

Eric Zener

Eric Zener - Paintings, Hiperrealistic Art
painting girl

girl painting
girl painting
Eric Zener paintings
Eric Zener art

More info and pics:

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SpongeBob Main characters

SpongeBob SquarePants, the main character in this cartoon is actually a sponge-shaped yellow sponge bath is a good person, easy to make friends, and optimistic. SpongeBob lives in a pineapple-shaped home in the sea, conch Road 124 number, Bikini Bottom. He also maintains a snail named Gary. His daily work is the chef at the Krusty Krab restaurant (he himself was awarded "Employee of the Month" (Example Employee of the Month) 374 times in a row - helped), the famous Krabby Patty burgers. He also went to Mrs. Puff Boating School, Mrs. driving school. Puff.

Graphic Novel - 11 New Pages and a Flashback

Page 88
Originally uploaded by betsystreeter
I had to upload a larger batch this time, since there's a flashback in the middle. Gerritt is a Tromindox, and Liesel has the power to return him to human form. We also see how Liesel has been helping out those afflicted with Tromindox tendencies since she was a little girl.

Interestingly, the Tromindox who got a hold of the Book of the Future earlier appears to have control of his own transformations. So he's on a whole other level.

As I approach 100 drawings, I'm beginning the process of devising the text narrative - which needs to be in the spirit of the art, not just some third party yammering on between the pages...

sublime LightWorks

sublime LightWorks - Photography Studios
Modern Pin Ups Style Photos
modern pin up

modern pin up girl photo modern pin up photo
sublime LightWorks sublime LightWorks photos
sublime LightWorks pin up pin up girl

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SpongeBob Characters who rarely appears

  • Bubble Bass (Dee Bradley Baker) - SpongeBob eternal enemy.
  • Flatz (Thomas F. Wilson), flat fish that is his old friend Patrick and a school friend of Spongebob. Flatz often threatens SpongeBob at Mrs. schools. Puff.
  • Grandma SquarePants (Marion Ross) and Grandpa SquarePants (Tom Kenny), Spongebob grandparents.
  • Sherm Squarepants Uncle Spongebob SpongeBob want to get rich quick, and he is the father Stanley S. Squarepants.Dia could put a cucumber down his nose
  • Uncle Kevin Law, Uncle Spongebob who had been a law enforcement.
  • Stanley S. Squarepants, SpongeBob's cousin who headed the box and have a high body hair and thin, like humans, and has a habit of breaking things it touches anything, even destroy the Chum Bucket, in an episode.
  • Blackjack Squarepants - Spongebob's cousin who wanted to beat up Spongebob
  • Man Ray (John Rhys-Davies, Bob Joles) and The Dirty Bubble (Charles Nelson Reilly, Tom Kenny), is a criminal who became an enemy Mermaidman and Barnacleboy
  • The Moth is an enemy Mermaidman shaped like flies muscular.
  • Tattletale Strangler - a crime in Bikini Bottom, who liked to strangle.
  • The Chief, the person who gave the task to the Mermaidman episode Mermaidman and Barnacleboy V
  • Master Udon, a good person and live in karate Karate Island (Island of Karate)
  • Mystery the Sea Horse - Sea Horse owned by SpongeBob, but because they can not keep Spongebob release, had a habit of eating anything, including the Old Man Jenkins.
  • Old Man Jenkins - Parents who formerly lived in before the Krusty Krab restaurant, and now lives in Shady Shoals retirement home
  • Painty the Pirate (Patrick Pinney) - Painting the head pirate who sings the theme song to SpongeBob beginning of each event.
  • Voila Fish, small fish that appeared in the episode Krusty Krab Training Video and always say "voila!", Because it is annoying narrator finally he was thrown bricks and collapsed.
  • Leif Erickson - A well-known sailor, but his face is never visible.
  • Jim - famous chef who formerly worked at the Krusty Krab.
  • Mrs Gristlepuss - An elderly woman who leads an organization that does not like the fun and excitement.
  • Mr. What Zit Tooya - A customer whose real name is never known, this is only the pseudonym.
  • SpongeBuck - Ancestor Spongebob at the time of the Cowboy
  • Dead Eye Plankton ancestors in the days of the Cowboy
  • Torpedo Belly (Stomach Torpedo) is a friend of Mr. Krab class.
  • Ned and the Needle Fish - is a popular band in Bikini Bottom
  • The Birdband-Potty's favorite band
  • Spongetron robot that resembles the episode of Spongebob SB-129
  • Kevin the Sea Cucumber organization claiming to be the leader jellyfish catcher known, but it is not.
  • Squidward Snail Snellie considered the most powerful and Squidward mocking Squidward plebeian snail Gary in the episode "The Great Snail Race. At almost won, Gary entertaining Snellie
  • Rocky Stone is considered a snail Patrick finally won the race a snail in the episode "The Great Snail Race
  • Squilliam Fancyson (Dee Bradley Baker) - Enemy at the same time high school friend who has Squidward band.
  • Scooter (Carlos Alazraqui) - Fish that likes purple surf on the beach. He died on the episode Bubble Buddy, but re-emerged in the next episode.
  • SpongeBob SpongeGar ancestors in ancient times
  • Patrick Patar ancestors in ancient times
  • Squog ancestors in ancient times Squidward
  • Squidly ancestors Squidward in Bikini Bottomshire
  • Dark Knights ancestors Bottomshire Sandy in Bikini
  • King Krabs Eugene H. ancestors Krabs in Bikini Bottomshire
  • Pearl Princess Pearl ancestors in Bikini Bottomshire
  • Sheldon ancestors Planktonamor J. Plankton in Bikini Bottomshire
  • Jack Kahuna Laguna A surfer who lives in the Bay Kahmamoku, appeared on the episode "The Big Wave
  • Pechos Patrick Partners is also the ancestral SpongeBuck Patrick at the time of cowboys

Cartoon : - Indian Foreign Policy on Twitter

Funny Polar Bear Cartoons: Start the Grill

I got the idea for this funny Polar Bear Cartoon as I was drawing the Nature vs. Nurture cartoon I posted previously and because of a commercial I saw oddly enough, as I was drawing that cartoon. I say oddly enough because my ideas seem to come from different stimuli that I see and hear during my sleep hours as well as my hours awake. I do believe it is a noble thing to help the wildlife that needs help weather or not you believe that need arises as a result of or actions or not and in no way am I saying it should not be done. I just tend to look at things in a rather sarcastic way and for some reason I still can’t help thinking about the relationship between wildlife and humans as one that is and will in many cases always be one way. It is that belief that continues to give me these goofy ideas about things that may or may not happen as a result of that relationship in the context of a non-realistic cartoon world. This cartoon is one of those things that just pop into my head as a result of that thought process. Enjoy and have a great day.

Christmas drawing live in the hypermarket AUPARK Bratislava - 5 min.

Before Christmas
I was drawn by
the one charity
in the hypermarket.
It was a Christmas
fundraising to support
children affected
by autism.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

SpongeBob characters that sometimes appear

  • Mrs. Poppy Puff (Mary Jo Catlett) - A fish that has a puffy and Driving School teaches "Mrs.. Puff Boating School", and was tired of teaching because Spongebob Spongebob is too careless, Her husband is Mr.Puff, arrested fishermen and made light, like the episode "Krusty Love".
  • Pearl Krabs (Lori Alan) - is a young whale and a son Mr. Krabs. He became obsessed with cheerleading and likes to have fun. His hobbies are contrary to the desire to save Mr. Krab money.
  • Larry Lobster (Doug Lawrence) - is a very strong crustaceans. He became a lifeguard Goo Lagoon.
  • Mermaid Man (Ernest Borgnine) - is an old mermaid former masked hero in Bikini Bottom. Now she lives with Barnacleboy, colleagues, the nursing home in Shady Shoals.
  • Barnacleboy (Tim Conway) - Mermaidman colleagues. Always considered a child by Mermaidman.
  • Flying Dutchman (Brian Doyle-Murray) - This ghost pirate likes to scare anyone but the episode "Ghost Host" he obeyed the orders SpongeBob to scare people than Spongebob.
  • Plankton Karen (Jill Talley) - wife (English: WIFE which stands for Integrated Wired Female Electroencephalograph) Plankton computers that can mimic human feelings. He helped Plankton to steal the secret Krabby Patty recipe.
  • Patchy the Pirate (Tom Kenny) - Pirates who are obsessed with Spongebob, and appeared in several episodes like UGH where it became the stone age, Patchy has a named Potty Beo.
  • Potty the Parrot (Stephen Hillenburg and Paul Tibbitt) - Birds Beo's Patchy Patchy often disturbing.
  • Harold SquarePants (Tom Kenny) and Claire SquarePants (Sirena Irwin) - SpongeBob's parents are more like a sea sponge SpongeBob than that resembles the kitchen sponge.
  • King Neptune (Jeffrey Tambor) - King of the sea, who lived in Atlantis, along with his daughter Mindy, who only appears in the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
  • Mama Krab - He is a crab who is also Mr. Krabs's mother.

Cartoon : - Oh the leader got tired ...

Funny golf cartoons: Hackers Club of Choice

A funny golf cartoon with a cartoon image of a grown man who is a hacker and proudly displaying his telescopic golf ball retriever, an essential club in any hacker’s bag. Enjoy and have a great day.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

SpongeBob Widespread traction

SpongeBob is one cartoon than a lot of cooked siri to attract adult audiences and children. This may be a lot to do with the picture of life and the circumstances in strange waters, and the use of the situation, touch and difficult term that is understood younger viewers. There are also complicated senario ironic that requires careful attention.

Pull some of this design meetings related to the nature of slavery kebudak SpongeBob and his best friend, Patrick Star, who are both aged adults but showed straightness properties of human childhood. However, these temperaments tida exception rather than the activities that are more mature, as in offering kepujanggan stadium rock, or Patrick asks SpongeBob children again after taking a baby kapis under their surveillance.

This design became popular with teenage and adult audience, so this siri broadcast on MTV and Spike TV is shown in. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is released on November 19, 2004, witnessed a special appearance by David Hasselhoff, in a single round from his role add siri TV Baywatch.

Funny golf cartoons: Putt-Putt Golf

A funny golf cartoon about a guy who thinks he has conquered the dreaded game of putt putt golf and is bragging about his victory even though he does not fully understand the meaning of the miniature golf award he hold in his hand. Enjoy and have a great day.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Cartoon : - Mister Prime Minister

SpongeBob Popularity

SpongeBob SquarePants is the only cartoon to enter the Top 10 list consistently in the Nielsen ranking, and according to the Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon cartoon "low berbujet" first became very popular.

Cartoons are not much lower berbujet award winning design of high berbujet like Rugrats, but since appeared on TV glass in 1999, SpongeBob achieve sufficient numbers of spectators peringkatan to be popular, it becomes more popular Rugrats proportionate. SpongeBob follows other Nickelodeon design an attractive audience more "mature": The Ren & Stimpy Show, Rocko's Modern Life, Skit Skit-Kablam!, Action League Now! and The Angry Beavers.

Other designs are trend-following participated: Invader zim and The Fairly OddParents won a similar number of enthusiasts in 2001, and OddPatents only in second place after SpongeBob kelarisan terms, when zim attract a cult following of [citation needed]. This first draft in 1999, and at that time, Pokémon was still the greatest madness. SpongeBob does not increase popularitinya so in 2000, and since it was conserved so popular to this day.

Picture of Cute Cartoon Bear - It Loves You


Do you love cartoon bear? In this picture the cartoon bear want to say love to you. Animal characters often display a cute face and funny in a variety of cartoons. Likewise, the character of cats, dogs or other animals. They always show their strange behavior.

Merry Christmas Mistletoe girl by Genzoman


Gonzalo Ordonez Arias (Genzoman)

Picture of Cat Cartoon Character on Christmas Day

cat cartoon
The cat cartoon keep its smiley face on Christmas day, and there is no sadness in the face.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cartoon : - Oh nO

Animals in Bikini Bottom

  • Alaskan Big Worm Monster giant worms from Alaska who loves to eat anything
  • Sea Monster Bear-faced bears and stature as a big fish, big monsters that have appeared in fiction magazines Bikini Bottom
  • Sea Monster Rhino rhino-faced and stature as a rhinoceros with a fin
  • Small nematode worms that live in groups and as parasites
  • Animals jellyfish are generally pink, and are often captured by SpongeBob, a population of about 1 million jellyfish and live in Jellyfish Fields.

Funny Christmas Animation: Santa's moon shot Merry Christmas

I was goofing around early this morning trying to do simple animations and came up with  this and just thought I would share. Hope everyone enjoys it and has a great Christmas Eve Day and a very Merry Christmas. My best to all.
christmas,santa,mooning,merry christmas animation,santa animation,mooning santa animation,funny animation,santa cartoon animation

Picture of Cartoon Red Car with Its Happy Cartoon Face

Almost every object can be used as object cartoon. like a cartoon car picture above. There are many different kinds of cartoons not the least of which is funny cartoons. For the most part people are drawn to funny cartoons because they can derive pleasure from the silliness that goes on within the cartoon.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mery Xmas by Al Rio

Mery Xmas comic girl
Al Rio

Products in the series Spongebob

  • Krabby Patty - Food favored by citizens of Bikini Bottom, Plankton is always trying to steal it.
  • Kelpo - Cereal is always a Spongebob breakfast menu.
  • Sea Nuts - Nuts are shaped like sea beans in general.
  • Transparent car-cars that are always used by Mermaidman and Barnacleboy, transparent.
  • Bikini Bottom Phonebook - phone books once filled by the ad Chum Bucket
  • Fancy Living Digest - a magazine that guide how to become rich in a short time
  • Kelp Shake - Drinks good has ever sold in Bikini Bottom, later revealed that this product contains radioactive substances.
  • Nachos - Potatoes are a meal in the episode thugs slug Have You Seen This Snail?
  • Ol'Reliable - jellyfish nets have ever used Spongebob
  • Spat the Spatula - Spatula is always used for cooking Spongebob Krabby Patty.
  • Tartar Sauce - Tartar sauce is a sauce that affect product as hazardous acid
  • Volcano Sauce - Extra Spicy Sauce
  • Gary bowl - bowl for breakfast Gary.
  • Snailpo - Food Gary

Funny Work Cartoons: Monday’s Suck

A funny work related cartoon about Monday’s. Many people have to endure the whole “Beginning of the week routine” and this cartoon was made to help people get through that awful affliction with humor. Enjoy and have a great day.

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