Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fun with Slideshare!

I've been having great fun posting presentations about drawing and creativity on Slideshare - most of that material ends up on my other blog,, since that's my teaching blog - but I thought it would be good to mention here too.

Presentations are like mini-books for me, they let me tell a very short story and offer ideas and advice in a nice package that people can read whenever they want. Also I can use my own drawing/writing style to make them, rather than relying on words on a page which don't really tell the whole story - in my case. It's using high-tech to share stuff I made with a marker. Whee!

And, I've been really pleased at how many people seem to be enjoying these. My first clue was when my presentation "How to Draw Nothing" got a thousand hits in one day. I've got four presentations up so far, each is on some facet of drawing or creativity. You can see them at

More to come on Slideshare soon!

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