Friday, November 7, 2008

Business Ethics

Hi all,

I had thought of this one a couple of years ago but it seemed to better fit in the world of today. Enjoy and have a great day.

The Funny Times Rocks.

So I'm told the Funny Times is going to use one of my illustrations on the cover of their December issue!! This is very exciting indeed. So if you get it, watch for me! And if you don't, well, go get a subscription. They are quality folks with a quality paper and they've been publishing my stuff basically forever. I love them.

Rock On!!!!

I am reminded of this one every time I see something about an air guitar contest. How about air flute? Or air oboe? Maybe they'll come out with Accordion Hero. I would buy that.

Wearing Out

I think I'm at about this point with my mattress cover thingy. But you know, the cat spends a lot more time on there than I do - so maybe I should watch for a cat-shaped indentation in case I need to fish him out of there.

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