Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Financial Security

Hi all

These toons came as a result of being frustrated with the melt down on Wall Street and the back and forth going on in Congress.

Rock Concert Ipps

Rock Concert Ipps
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Listening to a Journey power ballad while loading this. Although I suspect they sound more like the Clash. Or, Roy Orbison meets Whitesnake. Or something.

Cafe de Ipps

Cafe de Ipps
Originally uploaded by betsystreeter
in which the Ipps enjoy a cup of coffee at a sidewalk cafe. I just love drawing those Paris cafe tables and chairs.


In fact she make a wig...

Toilet Scare...

Who did dare to urine?

Tooth the crocodile

Actually crocodile haven't tooth...

My Boss on Another Line...

My Boss on another line.....

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