Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cartoon 5th September 2008

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My Computer has Satan in it.

Every so often, I'm doing stuff on my computer, and then the little green light goes on and it starts gurgling, and gurgling, and... it just keeps doing this. It is very, very busy. But it will not tell me what it is doing. All I know is that it won't do anything else. Like open any programs. Or close any programs. Or light up anything. Or anything. I hate this.
I got this program called Crap Cleaner which I run periodically (they renamed it "CCleaner" when it got successful and I guess they figured it wasn't too family friendly referring to Crap) and this helps for a while. I am stunned as it tosses tens of Megabytes of, well, Crap off my drive. Like, every week. It's like soapy buildup if soapy buildup made it impossible to even get into the shower.
Perhaps, given campaign politics lately, my computer has discovered some sort of religious fundamentalism and is speaking in tongues or preparing for The Rapture or something.
Or maybe, it just gets bored and decides whatever I'm doing is unworthy so it goes off to do something else.
Or maybe it's been taken over like a Drone or whatever by those evil hacker people who take over your computer and make it into a Drone.
Whatever. I hate the gurgling green light.

Lania S.

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