Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where is the boy?

Where is the boy?

Is that Sage, Battleship Grey, or - Barfy?

We're getting our house painted. So we've splatted colors all over our walls to see what colors we like. We kept them in the back so people don't think we've gone all militia-like and started painting our house in camo or something.

We thought we knew what we wanted - an understated, stone-like color. With white trim. So we got quarts of three different things and splatted them on.

Well, they looked - not bad, but just incredibly boring. My husband labeled each one with pencil so we'd know which was which. After looking at them I re-labeled them "Battleship barf," "Gloomy grey" which could also have been "Liquid boredom," and the last one was simply "Eh."

I think they should hire me to re-name their little samples for them, so we could save people lots of time. Instead of "Autumn Sage" we could put "Bleah." Instead of "Dusty jeans" we could put "Dirty laundry." And so on. See how much time that would save?

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