Saturday, August 2, 2008


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In which the Ipps pay a visit to the Ipposarus.

Cocaine man...

The boy builts the snowman not from snow but from the cocaine....
He didn't know what is the cocaine....

Love Cat...

Funny dog...
Wrong love...

Keith Weesner

Keith Weesner - Painter and Illustrator
pin up girl
Keith Weesner has produced everything from posters and T-shirts to magazine covers and animation backgrounds. In the late 80s he studied automotive design at Pasadena Art Center, but he has been drawing hot rods and customs since he was a kid.
Keith's work reflects his obsession with cars and vintage pinup illustration. As an artist and hot rodder, he appears frequently in American, English, and Japanese car magazines

Keith Weesner hot rod pin up
hot rod pin up Keith Weesner pin up

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