Monday, July 14, 2008


Krenz - anime style girls

anime girls anime girl
pin up and cartoon girls anime girls
Krenz Krenz
anime girl

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Unpublished Goofiness

This cartoon never got published - for obvious reasons, like the fact that I am SO not a political cartoonist. Big big difference between political and social satire. My thoughts do often come out in drawing form though, so this is what was on my mind at the time. I drew this before the Iraq War, in fact I think I drew this pre-September 11th. I've inked almost 1,800 cartoons to date, and this is number 272 - to give an idea how old it is (I started publishing back in 1993). So it's interesting to go back and see just how much of this terrorist type stuff was floating around in the psyche even years ago. The buildup to where we're at now has deeeep roots. Sheesh. Okay, I will go back to being non-political now. Just kind of fun to dig around now and then and see what comes up.

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