Monday, May 12, 2008

BTALD: Bird Poop Furniture

There's a nest of baby birds outside my window currently. The nest they're in is a used one, that's been there since last year. I meant to take it down, but I was pretty sure that no other birds would come use it again because, well, it's full of baby bird poop.
I hadn't thought about baby bird poop until I got to observe this whole process up close last spring. But I guess if you're doing nothing but sitting in a nest, and eating, it follows that there'll be poop. In the nest.
Well, the birds are back and re-using the poopy nest.
I keep thinking I'll peek in there and they will have made little poop sofas and stuff.
I'm definitely going to take that nest down when they're done with it - so they can get a fresh start next year. That's just gross.

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