Thursday, May 8, 2008

BTALD: One-Hit Wonders

So, the B-52's just came out with a new album. I heard them interviewed about it, and they basically said, "Well, we still tour and we still play all the same songs and we figured we should have some new songs."

Anybody who's been to a concert knows the part where the first notes of some popular song come out and everyone cheers. I'm sure that's a rush if you're the one who wrote it.

But, jeez, what about after the 50th or 100th or 1,000th playing? Wow.

And then there's the music you hear at the store and stuff. I mean, does Sting realize that he's become the wallpaper of our life? I don't know.

I suppose walking to the mailbox for that royalty check makes it all okay.

But like the B-52's I'd sure be looking to write some new stuff. Just so my hands wouldn't freeze permanently in the chords for "Rock Lobster."

Or, you can just go off the deep end like Michael Jackson - I don't suppose too many people bug him to sing "Beat It" these days. Just guessing.

What's that new colorful thing over there?

Hey, you may notice on my main blog page - there's now a "mini" of my store where I'm going to be selling handmade Ipp stuff! This is a grand experiment for me - the first things I've put up there are Ipp magnet sets, which come with fabulous accessories like space stuff, sporting equipment, and viking helmets. So take a look - you can buy stuff with a credit card and everything. So very high tech. And if you think someone you know would like these, by all means send it on!! I'm told these little guys bring good karma.

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