Wednesday, April 30, 2008

That's not MY beeping blipping thing.

Riding the train this week, I noticed that I'm not noticing something.
Namely, the various bleeps and bloops and little tiny versions of hit songs that emit from all over the place.
That used to be a real attention-getter. Now, nobody cares. People just erupt in blips and bloops all the time. It's like... gas.
A contractor at my house this week kept having Michael Jackson sing from his shirt pocket.
My phone has this kind of house-trip-hop groove it plays when I have a call, which I don't really realize is a call for a good 15 seconds or so. Then it has the happy "You have a message, happy happy joy joy" song it plays after I've missed whatever call it was.
Next time you're in a public place, just close your eyes and listen for electronic gobbledygook. It's pretty interesting. And, every so often you'll hear a snippet of some song you haven't heard in years, and then you can go download that and listen to the whole thing on Napster.
Like, Michael Jackson.

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