Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cat Butts Are Evil.

This cartoon, as you can probably tell by the lack of formatting, is on the old side - probably early 90's. But it does express a sentiment that I feel is relevant even today - the fact that cat butts are evil.
My cat's butt is the unforeseen toxic hazard of my home-based workplace.
Not long ago, my cat, who is middle-aged, lost the ability to swallow dry food properly. So, he now gets the gooey, byproducts-of-byproducts stuff. And whoooo-eeee, can that stuff produce some stench.
Sometimes, when I walk in the door, I know something is wrong. Something is lurking in the back of the house. As I get closer, it gets worse. Until I get to the study, where I am supposed to be able to think and draw and exist peacefully. Except that it is now the Land of Pew.
Dang. I open a window, and I try to remove the offending item as quickly as possible. But meat byproducts have really heavy molecules I think, so that awful stench just sits there.
I did not foresee my cat's butt as an issue in my career. But when the air is heavy and acrid, my thoughts just sit there like -- well, like a turd. It's awful.
Fortunately it's getting sunny out, so I can grab a sketchbook and head for the yard. Quickly. While the various byproduct molecules clear out.
I love the front end of my cat. Shoot, I love his sides too.
But his butt is kind of career-limiting at times.
So, I guess to keep working here I'm just gonna have to accept that being fast with a scoop is a job skill I need. Badly.

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