Friday, March 28, 2008

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BTALD: Undo.

For every home improvement, there must also be a way to undo it. Because whether or not it is an "improvement" may be in doubt when it's all said and done.
I have many cans of ill-advised paint out in my garage. I'm told that I can donate it to the pile at my local hardware store for people who might want them. They're not bad colors, or evil or anything, they're just... wrong. Like the beige that turned out to make our living room look like the inside of a giant lipstick. Or the red that in the kitchen kind of looked like vampires had been through.
But the best service that the home improvement stores could provide their customers would be: calm. Some kind of service that helps you to keep breathing and remain calm when all you want to do is Be Done. Because I'd bet that most of those things that require the "undo" products happen during that "I want to just get this done" phase. Like, spilling. And, breaking. Maybe meditation tapes, or yoga. I would suggest beer, but we know that would only result in more things that had to be undone later.

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