Monday, March 24, 2008

Do Animals Get Annoyed?

When I see a nature special, I often wonder how many of those animals are getting on each other's nerves. Do ground squirrels dig into each other's burrows? Does everybody think, "There's those hyenas again. They are SO irritating." And, what about those birds that sit on top of other animals?
We currently have a little nature event taking place in our attic. Someone small and furry is hanging out up there and making digging and scratching noises at exactly the same time every night. We tried to close the spot that we thought our friend was getting in, but the noise continues. So we are either acting out an Edgar Allen Poe story in slight miniature, having trapped him in there, or our friend has some other way of getting in and out. I'm guessing the latter. But maybe we'll look up there and there will be a mini fridge and shag carpet and bean bag chairs. I'll let you know.

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