Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr.

Do you know the man whose movie character wears a bowler hat, oversized pants and shoes, and has a funny way of walking with a bamboo cane? No? How about this: this character has a mustache that’s so characteristic of him that Adolf Hitler copied it to make people love him, the dictator, more. Charlie Chaplin’s the guy! Don’’t you know his full name is Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr., He was born at 16 April 1889 Walworth, London, England. And he was died at 25 December 1977 (aged 88) Vevay, Switzerland.

His “Little Tramp” character is forever stamped in our mind. Take the famous scane from The Gold Rush, for example, where the poor guy (the tramp) was so hungry that he boiled his old leather shoe, carved them carefully, smacked his lips in appreciation of the “food,” and ate those clogs! Chaplin’s poverty-stricken childhood was an inspiration for this beloved character. In spite of his rough childhood, Chaplin was the only person ever who successfully managed all the film making process in most of his films: founding his own studio (United Artist), producing, casting, starring, directing, writing, editing, and even composing the music!

In 1916 he becomes the highest–paid actor in the world with income of $10,000/week. The first Oscar awards, held in 1929, stood for his popularity. He was awarded a special award for “versatility and genius in writing, acting, directing, and producing.”..,

Our Photo..,

Hey every body! This is our photo at Prambanan Temple (Jogja).

For study comparison we went to Jogjakarta, Bantul, and Surabaya. The study comparison held a few months ago, I have forgotten what date is it. The Study comparison held in a week, 4 days at Jogjakarta and Bantul, 3 days in Surabaya. At Jogjakarta I found many Grafitti with the gank name “Love Hate Love”, their Grafitti are very cool!!. And at Jogja we went to school after that we went to Prambanan temple, and this is the photo.

The person who wears black T-shirt is Dika, who used the hat is Jeki, Izzan is on the center on the photo. The person who wears white, gray, and black striped shirt is Irsyad. Beside Irsyad there is Christo, and above Christo is Indra. And the person who takes this photo is Jo, the last person who wears green T-shirt is me (Hey!! What Am I do??? It’s so strange!!!) I’m feel very enjoy thet study trip I hope that study comparison will held again.

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