Sunday, March 16, 2008

Say 'Dynamic Entry!'

Hey every body, I have a very funny and deceitful card. This is the kind of Yu-Gi-Oh Card, but used character on Naruto manga (Gai Sensei). (Gai Sensei is my favorite character on Naruto manga). For see more clear you could click that picture. The effect is 'Your opponent can't see this card effect, This card Activation can't be negated, you can kick your opponent while screaming 'DYNAMIC ENTRYYYYYYY' , and so many deceitful effect.

And just for fun I'll give you a picture about Turtwig kicking Piplup (they are on Pokemon) and you know, turtwig get a new technical that is 'Dynamic Entry' (Gai Sensei's Ultimate Kick), WOW I Think it's so Cool.

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