Thursday, March 13, 2008

BTALD: Toothpaste Factorial

It seems that someone learned factorials at the toothpaste factory - you know, the maximum number of combinations that you can make with a given number of choices. So they took all the different things toothpaste can apparently do, like whitening, and tartar control, and sensitivity, and sensitive tartar control, and tartar whitening, and control of sensitive tartar, and...

Well, now we all get to stand there and stare at all the boxes and try to figure out what we want our toothpaste to do. Then there's the flavor question. So, I am wondering -- are there certain toothpaste features that are BAD for certain people? I mean, this is the only reason I can think of why you wouldn't want to just offer all the toothpaste options, all the time. Maybe some people have a weird reaction to tooth whitening? Or the sensitivity stuff causes you to become weepy or something?

I mean, with mouthwash, they could just make the labeling a LOT more clear. There's Gross, and then there's Gross with Flavor, and then there's Burn Your Mouth Off, and then there's Gross but Pretty Color.

I just with that if they were going to offer all these options with toothpaste, they could throw in the stuff they do for kids too. Like, they could put glitter in it. That would make my decision a lot easier.

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