Sunday, March 9, 2008

Announcing the Drooly Dog Blog!!

Okay, I've been posting here a lot about art and creativity and teaching and it's time that stuff had its own home. That way this blog can focus on my cartooning, and give the Ipps a little breathing room too.

So, I'm hereby announcing the launch of The Drooly Dog Blog, where I will put all my material on fostering creativity - particularly in kids. I'll write about my experiences teaching, post kids' artwork, and hopefully give kids/parents/teachers/families/schools lots of tools to get those brain synapses firing off in fabulous new ways. I'm also going to develop periodic Art Challenges to see what you all can come up with.

Please forward this (click that little envelope!) to anyone you know who has an interest in art, creativity, and helping kids, theirs or others', get creative and make art a wonderful part of their mind and life. We need creative problem solving skills so badly in our fast-moving world. Help me plant some seeds!

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