Friday, February 22, 2008

BTALD: 100 calories of what?

What a great idea, putting little 100-calorie packages of food together. I mean, you can just grab em and you know what you're getting, and that's really cool. Except, whenever I'm at the store I look at those things, and they're all - well, gross. Like, 100 calories of weird little Oreo-like cookie things shaped like parts of a soccer ball. Or, 100 calories of strange fig bar things with sprinkles on them. What is this stuff? I mean, could you do 100 calories of something recognizable? Maybe I'm shopping at weird stores.
I know, 100-calorie packages of hummus. That would be neat.
I realize that if you did 100-calorie packages of foods we usually eat for snacks, it would get pretty ugly - I mean, 5 crackers or a piece of bread or a single chip in a package is not going to work. The reality of it would be hilarious and sad at the same time.
But I have to say, I do love the "eat crap and still lose weight" idea that our food industry seems so bent on selling. They make so dang much money off this stuff. Putting a little sign in the 100-calorie snack shelf that says "go pick out an apricot or apple" would lose some big important business people lots of money.
But soon, it will stop raining and we can all go outside and run around and then calories won't matter so much.

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