Saturday, February 16, 2008

A New Experiment!

Okay, so this whole Web 2.0 thing is really cool, don't you think? You can have online profiles splattered all over the whole Web! With different logins and files that you've uploaded in three formats and social networks that may or may not have the same people in them... wheeee!
No really, it's great when you're a publisher of original content like me. Because all this collaborative tagging, and searching, and profiling, and the lot of it mean that my drawings go on even more fabulous journeys then they ever could have as mere email attachments.
I'm having great fun putting artwork all over the place, experimenting with what I can accomplish with the accounts at all these sites, and deciding what's best for what kind of work.
Which brings us to my next experiment. You see, the Ipps really want their own feature. And I want them to have it. So I went looking for the best way to let them express themselves. I didn't want to plunk them in a Web page somewhere. So... I'm going to put their strips on Flickr! They'll have their own section called "Ipp Strips." That's right, I'll put new work here, and then archive it over there. That way the Ipps can have their feature and people looking for them can find them. Even people not looking for them can find them. What fun! Let's see how it goes!
Soon I will run out of storage space over there and then we'll figure out what to do next... better keep those files small!

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