Friday, February 8, 2008

BTALD: Gadgets!

I know we're all supposed to heave a collective sigh of disapproval whenever we see some kid with his little game-playing doohickey... but I have to admit, I love gadgets.
I love little electronic things. I love my TiVo. I love my shiny phone.
When I was a kid, i figured out a way to NEVER lose at Space Invaders. I could actually play the game indefinitely. Or until I starved to death.
The fact that all today's gadgets work differently just makes them that much more entertaining. For me. I realize that makes a lot of other people want to dump all their remotes in a bucket of water and leave it at that.
I do have the TiVo problem, though. The one where you try to pause and replay things all the time. I try to do this with the radio in the car. If I miss something, I think, "no problem, I'll just rewind and hear it again." It's like looking for the instant replay when you're actually in the stadium at the game. Oh, I try to rewind live sports events too.
It doesn't work.
Anyway, yay for shiny gadgets. I know that they're all kind of screwed up and they break and are confusing and all that, but for people (goobers) like me, that's all part of the fun. It's the actual games and shows that you get when everything is functioning properly that could use some work.

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