Wednesday, February 6, 2008

BTALD: Weird Poofy Stuff!

This post is in honor of Memory Foam. Because, it's really weird stuff.

I used to have two pillows made out of Memory Foam. They got all sort of weirdly shaped after a while. And, I never got used to the way you put your head down, and then it slowly migrates into some other position/altitude while you are asleep.

Anyway, it is pretty fun to smash down and then watch it poof back up again. Kind of like earplug races. What are earplug races, you say? Why, that's where you take two earplugs, put em on the table, smash em flat and then see which one poofs up first.

Which is like Peep jousting. What's Peep jousting, you say? Why, it's where you put two Peeps armed with toothpicks into your microwave and then nuke em until they poof up

to many times their normal size and then stab each other. Tip:
Put em on a plate. That melted Peep is murder to clean up. We like to do this around Passover. That's another story.

Anyway, all hail weird poofy stuff.

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