Sunday, January 27, 2008

Take an Ipp to the Store!!

Alright, one of my favorite people in the world helped me come up with this bag with a tree-hugging Ipp for groceries and all your various whatnot.
If you're trying to convince your friends to stop using paper or plastic bags, one way to do this is to give them a great bag to use.
It's also a great way to say, "I love the Earth so much I'm using these bags. Which makes me extra cool."
This one is washable too, which is great when your groceries get icky stuff on the inside of your bags.
Tip: I have quite a few bags like these, and I keep them both in the house and in the car - because sometimes I get to the store only to realize that I forgot to bring bags. Then I put them near the kitchen door too so I see them on my way out and get em back into the car...
Anyway, enjoy! And if you think someone you know would like these, send em a link! You can just click the little email button at the bottom of the post to send it along. Yay!

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