Friday, January 11, 2008

Retail Detox

So, last night my 3 1/2 -year-old and I needed to get a present for a birthday party he's going to this weekend.
This involved darkening the door of the ever-popular Target, otherwise known as The Big Store Where Mommy and Daddy ALWAYS Buy Me Something.
Now, the reason for this is because we almost never go to Target, except when we actually need something. And that something is usually a kid-related thing. Being Target and all.
However, in the 3-year-old mind, this has translated to the idea that one gets "a box of cars" every time without exception or the Earth will spin into the Sun you just watch.
Anyway, the drawing here is what resulted after my son wailed for a full hour about how he wanted some cars. Fortunately, the thing we were buying was nowhere near the cars aisle, so we got our stuff and got the hell out.
But this did not prevent volcanic interplanetary bellowing. Even when it was clear he didn't really know what he was saying. And after I pointed out we were no longer at the store.
I'm going to call this "retail detox." And I plan to do it again. No kidding. We are so good at making people WANT things in this country. I mean, this is a kid who sees almost no commercial TV. But he's a good little consumer, man.
Anyway, after a few more trips into Retail Land without buying anything I think his withdrawal symptoms will start to wear off. It really is like withdrawal. But I'm there with him, man. I'm gonna help him through.

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