Thursday, January 3, 2008

BTALD: Compliments of...

So it's a New Year, when we're supposed to get all Big-Picture and try and resolve to do things differently. Or, boycott the process because we think it's dumb. Whichever you prefer.
If you don't have any particular resolutions, or can't think of any, I'd like to propose one: Pay more compliments.
You can make a person's whole week just by saying something nice to them. I know that when I get an email from a reader saying a cartoon made them laugh or they put it up in their office or sent it to a friend, that makes my whole career worthwhile. Seriously.
It's a really big deal for people to feel like they are seen. We do so much seeing of celebrities and lifestyles and reality TV and cheap plastic junk and... and...
What really makes a difference to a person is to BE seen.
And if you pay someone a compliment, it means you saw them and you noticed them.
So, that may not be a big ol' resolution like losing 50 pounds or traveling somewhere or whatever, but then if you did those things it would all be so worth it if someone complimented YOU on your tan, or how slim you are... see?

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