Friday, December 28, 2007

Big Thoughts About Little Drawings: You Idiot.

Today my three-and-a-half-year-old son came in and said to his sister, "You know what? We are imbeciles." I said, "Do you know what that means?" He replied, "It's another word for idiot." It's all about those cool new words when you are three I guess.
So in honor of the New Year, here's to all of us proud Idiots - Here's to those of you out there who just finished cutting the hair off the back of your kid's doll trying to get it out of the packaging after you gave it to her for Christmas, and everyone who found out the turkey does slide really easily off the counter, and everyone who discovered that their new Christmas lights only reach halfway across the front of the porch, and everyone who put their foot in their mouth at some holiday dinner or other, or got their spouse's boss' name wrong at the holiday party, or whatever other Idiot-type stuff you might have pulled off this year. Be proud. I know I am.
And, I'm going to try this funky mobile-posting thing while I'm out of town the next few days, so we'll see if that works -- otherwise, see you next week!

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