Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Big Thoughts About Little Drawings: National Parking Day

I think December 26th should be National Parking Day, since the greatest thing you can accomplish on this day is to find a parking place at some mall or shopping center. Then you can go forth and buy lots of stuff that you don't need simply because it is on sale, and getting a discount is a way of winning some sort of shopper-versus-retailer power struggle.
I went forth today with the idea of buying a really cool new pan. I know, lots of people think household stuff makes a crappy Christmas gift, but I actually think that using something fabulous in your everyday life, and appreciating how fabulous it is, is totally worth it.
So, I went to Macys where you could get a fabulous pan, along with a ten-pan set with some things that I couldn't even identify, plus a bonus Dutch oven thing with an oven mitt and a spatula and a "double bonus" other pan thing that I couldn't really tell what it was. You basically had to be an idiot to buy an individual pan, since in the ten-pan set the items were less than half the price. Even though you were spending more money overall -- you'd look like you were throwing money away. Go figure.
I became overwhelmed by the giant pan displays and the bonus items and the double bonus items so we left and bought some socks. Oh, and pretzels for the kids.
But we did find a lovely parking spot. You know, within a couple blocks of where we were going, not being smooshed in from both sides by ginormous truck-like things, a good spot. So from that perspective I'd say our National Parking Day was indeed a success.

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